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Painting is so personal and is created from within the individual. Dreama hits all the bases and then some. She makes your paintings better, and teaches you to love them and enhances your self confidence at the same time. The fact that she takes us to some of the most beautiful scenes in the world and gives us the opportunity to capture them on canvas is a definite plus. I've taken both online courses and intend to sign up for the third. The private face book for artists only, is unbelievable! Any problem you have is experienced by others, and everyone jumps in to help. Be good to the artist in you and join us!

Jimmie B.

This workshop with Dreama has truly changed my life. She is a fantastic teacher, and has an awesome personality. She makes learning fun, and thanks to her, my painting has improved tremendously! I cannot recommend this course enough.

Jaya P.

Wooo Hooo! This is GREAT! Love all the details. You have exceeded my expectations!! My eyes filled with tears watching…my confidence increased as Dreama made my first oil painting fun and easy.

Jodi H.

I took Dreama's class to try watercolors one more time! I am loving this, learning much, and once again, I feel you are the teacher to help me! I am so grateful!

Marilyn G.

I considered my self and experience painter, and this class was just what I was looking for to bump me into liking my work again. Dreama is an excellent teacher, and I feel qualified in stating that as I have taken workshops all around the world from Master artists. But don't let that scare you if you are new to painting. She is an excellent start. Gentle, methodical and full of information. The course is also a wonderful time to explore so many things more than just painting....I hope all that are curious and tempted will take the plunge and give themselves this gift, as it truly is.

Julie M.

I learned so many valuable details like organizing my palette and how to brighten greens without adding white! But the most valuable to me were the words of wisdom that Dreama offered every lesson. The reminder of staying in tune with the unique gifts we have been given. To honor, who we are and to enjoy blooming right where we are. Before I took this course, I was experiencing some anxiety about where I am as an artist at 61 years old. I had many negative thoughts about my work and about my expectations of myself. Dreama taught me: to be still, to be here and to be real….Now! So very valuable to me and I am very grateful I got to be part of this e-course. In Love Always!

Jenny B.

In her teaching, Dreama is able to weave sound color theory and technique with a unique way of expression. I feel that no matter where your talent lies... you will be able to pull things from her teaching that will enhance your practice. Personally, my experience with this workshop has been a breakthrough in my work. And, The Facebook community is the icing on the “cupcake”.……

Jenny W

I re-entered the world of oil painting just recently after retiring from a 40 year photography career. I’ve taken several painting courses to bring me up to speed and [Dreama's workshop] is by far the best class that I’ve ever taken! My painting has improved by leaps and bounds. My skills, my eye and my understanding of color have improved light years beyond what I have ever imagined! I love the connection and encouragement with our Facebook group too. Dreama, I can’t say thank you enough.

Beverly T

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