Vivian Sathre

Vivian has always had a strong need to create. After a career of writing books for children, Vivian left her comfort zone in Seattle and moved to Vancouver, Washington. To make new friends she signed up for a watercolor class. She quickly learned that she could have bought friends for a lot less money, but Vivian was hooked and eventually paint brushes replaced her writing pens. In Vancouver, Vivian was in galleries in both Washington and Oregon. In 2009 Vivian and her husband moved again, this time to Tucson, Arizona. She found herself overjoyed to have daily sunlight for painting. Vivian has won numerous awards for her paintings and has had paintings featured in The American Art Collector, and on the cover of JAVMA (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.) While Vivian’s art can be found in homes and public buildings across the U.S., Vivian is still in Arizona enjoying the sun. Visit: for original paintings.

A Happy Snowman, Oil, 8x10

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A Rosy Winter, Oil, 8x8

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