Francine Dufour Jones

Movement, color, and light are the joyfully poignant themes of Francine’s art. The ever-present, lazy, elongated S-shape she uses coveys both the visual cue for motion and the distinctly nurturing, feminine dimension of her art.“That’s what light teaches us. There can be a profound movement without physical motion. Capturing that exact moment is what I want to do, whether it’s a child discovering for the first time that beach sand sparkles or the moment lovers first touch after lifetimes apart. That moment is spiritually vibrant because joy is there. Joy is what I want people to experience in my art.” I invite you to visit my main website to see more of my art.

How Big is the Moon 2, Oil, 10x8

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Bello Balcony 2, Oil, 10x8

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Sunshine Girls, Oil, 6x6

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